Amie Spring Clean Cooling Face Mask

I love having a pamper evening every now and again and for a perfect pampering session a face mask is essential. I recently tried out Spring Clean Cooling Face Mask from Amie and I loved it! It’s got a really lovely fresh minty smell and it feels so cool and refreshing on your skin. You’re supposed to leave it on for 10-15 minutes but I got so carried away enjoying it that I left it on a bit longer! I got two uses out of one sachet and you can get a pack of three sachets for £1.50, which I think is amazing value. 

I ‘ve also got Amie’s Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash which I’m really excited to try out, so watch this space for my review on that one which will be coming soon!

There are loads of lovely looking products on the Amie
website and they’re affordable too. Brilliant for us students, and ideal stocking fillers!!


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2 Responses to Amie Spring Clean Cooling Face Mask

  1. Helena says:

    Looking good! I’ve got a chocolate face mask to use tonight 🙂 xx

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