Cute Handmade Christmas Cards

I spent this afternoon getting crafty and messy making some Christmas cards which I thought I’d share with you. With previous cards I’ve shared on my blog, people have asked me for a step-by-step guide on how to make them so that’s what I’m going to do today.

IMG_3488IMG_3487I made four different cards but they’re all variations of the same thing. They are quite fiddly to make so be prepared to make a mess and get a bit impatient at times!

What you need
A variety of coloured card/paper (A5)
Pritt stick
PVA glue
Black gel pen
Circular templates – 1 large, 1 small (I used a toothpaste lid and a moisturiser lid! As long as it’s circle it will be fine!)
A thin paintbrush or a cocktail stick (for sticking on sequins)
Sticky dots
Glittery paint (I used a cheap glittery nail varnish)

For the Background

IMG_3476Choose two different colours of card. Fold one in half to be the actual card. For the pattern on top you just need a half of your A5 piece of paper. Once you’ve cut it in half, cut four ‘V’ sections out so you’re left with an ‘X’. Cut little shapes out along the length of the ‘X’ and around the edges. It will help to fold it up to make it more symmetrical and neater. Once that’s done just stick it onto the background colour with pritt stick. You will have an A6 card, I chopped it in half to make two mini cards!

For the head and body trace around each of your circular templates and cut the shapes out. Paint over both circles with glittery nail varnish.


Cut a little triangle out for the carrot nose and stick onto the middle of the head.
Use the black gel pen to add eyes and a smiley mouth.
Choose three sequins for the buttons. I find it easier to use the end of a paintbrush to stick these on because it’s too fiddly with my fingers. Dip the wrong end of the paintbrush into PVA glue, transfer the glue to the sequin and stick on in a line down the centre of the snowman’s body.
Place two or three sticky dots on the back of the body and stick it onto your background card. Put a sticky dot on the back of the head and position it above the body.
You need three different colours for the penguin – one as the main colour, one for his tummy and one for his feet and beak. Using your templates cut out one large and one small circle of your main colour, and one small circle for the belly. Also cut out some flipper shapes.
Stick the tummy onto the big circle and the flippers on the side using pritt. Paint over both the body and the head with glittery nail varnish.
With the other colour cut out a little triangle beak and some webbed feet. Stick these on and draw on some eyes and a smile with a black gel pen.
IMG_3480Use sticky dots to stick the penguin onto the background card.
IMG_3486Christmas Tree
Cut the tree shape out of green card and cut out a little brown rectangle for the trunk. You don’t have to stick to the traditional colours, it can be fun to go for some different colours!
Paint over the tree with glittery nail varnish.
IMG_3466Get an assortment of sequins and stick them on using the paintbrush technique described in the ‘Snowman’ section. I happened to have some star shaped sequins to go on top of the tree but you can just cut out a star shape if you want!
When you’ve decorated your tree, attach it to your background card with sticky dots.


Click here for more Christmas card ideas.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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