Instajunction Picture Collage

IMG_0837Here’s my new picture that arrived in the post today courtesy of Instajunction, a website that allows you to personalise all sorts of memorabilia using your own photos downloaded from Instagram. It’s great because Instagram photos have already been tweaked with flattering filters and trendy borders so they are just how you like them. Magnets, coasters, calendars, posters, you name it, you can make it on Instajunction! I decided to go for just a regular picture frame to put on the wall and when given the choice of how many photos I wanted to use I chose nine. That way I ended up with a combination of pictures of my family, my boyfriend and pretty places I’ve been to.

IMG_0839Generally the Instajunction website is well laid out and easy to manoeuvre but it was a bit of a faff uploading the pictures! You have to log in to Instagram to access your photos and as you pick the photos you want to use they appear in a line on the screen so that you can see them. I was expecting to be able to change the order of the pictures around and see how they would appear as 3 rows in the picture frame, but sadly the website didn’t allow this. I think it would have been handy to do this as you can see the finished product before finalising the order. Being a bit pedantic about things like that it did bother me a bit but it wasn’t the end of the world! I am still really pleased with the product. The frame is lovely and modern and the whole thing looks really professional. It’s nice to have something special and personal hanging on the wall reminding me of the people and places close to my heart!

If you’d like to buy something from Instajunction, use this discount code: FRIEND25BN . This will give you 25% discount off any orders placed up until 8th December 2013.

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