Amphora Tea Tree & Manuka Cream

IMG_0551[1]My Mum’s drawers are full of all sorts of creams and ointments that she seems to pick up and never open, so she passed this one on to me. Recently I have been getting lots of tiny red spots on my chest area, almost like a rash. So I thought I’d give this a go because I’ve found in the past that tea tree cream is great for reducing redness when I get a spot or a bite.

IMG_0553[1]And luckily I was proved right. This cream has totally cleared up the redness on my chest and left it completely clear. On the tub it says ‘For all over body use, excellent for feet’ because of its anti-fungal properties. I haven’t needed to try it on my feet but I wouldn’t hesitate if I did ever need to!

A cute little pot, kind and gentle on the skin, a great little treatment for all sorts! Love it.

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