Moroccan Argan Oil

IMG_0550[1]Since I’ve known my friend Frankie for the past 2 years she has always has unbelievably soft, silky hair. I asked her what her secret was and she told me she uses Moroccan Argan oil on it. So I went home and had a little look online but was disappointed to find that a small bottle costs between £20 and £30! A few weeks later during my daily Groupon browsing I was excited to find that they were offering a 100ml bottle for £8.99 – still quite expensive for me who usually only spends £1 on shampoo, but I thought I’d splash out on this little gem (or so I thought)!

I’ve been using the oil daily for about a month now and unfortunately I see absolutely no difference in my hair. The bottle states that the treatment provides ‘silky perfection for ALL HAIR TYPES’ but I have to disagree. For Frankie, who has thick, dark, wavy hair, this has worked wonders. But I had no such luck using this on my thin, limp, fair hair.

Worth a shot and I’m glad I tried it but I won’t be buying this again (especially for the full retail price!!)

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One Response to Moroccan Argan Oil

  1. I know that can be so disappointing! But it’s a great learning experience! Different hair textures absolutely need different products. Fine hairs cuticle is so tightly closed that something like Moroccan oil will only work on the outside of the strand, instead of the inside.
    At least it smelled good and made your hair extra shiny!
    Cheers to discovery!
    Thanks for posting!

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