Oy! Foaming Clear Skin Face Wash

I was a bit wary about trying out Oy! Foaming Clear Skin Face Wash because the concept of not needing any water to wash it off was a bit strange to me! You have to pump the foam out of the bottle, rub it over your face and let it soak in. Thinking about it though I actually think this is a genius idea. With other cleansers, you apply it to your face and wash it off straight away – what’s the point? Does it actually do anything in those few seconds it is on your skin? I seem to have a lot more faith in this cleanser because of the fact you don’t have to wash it off. It feels as though it actually does have the chance to work it’s magic!

So, basically, I use this cleanser after my shower in the morning. Once it’s soaked in I apply Silver Serum (read review here). Then I put on my make-up and I’m ready to go. In the evening after taking off my make-up I wash my face with water, pat it dry and apply Oy! again followed by Silver Serum.

Since I began this routine I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin. It does a really good job keeping the skin clear and hydrated. Oy! stands for Organic Young and is one of Green People‘s ranges. Their products are completely natural and most of the ingredients are organic, which is good because lots of cleansers contain all sorts of chemicals.

The only negative I have about this product is that its smell kind of reminds me of insect repellent. I love products with lovely fresh fragrances so it would definitely benefit from having a better smell. However, all in all I am very impressed with Oy!’s foaming clear skin face wash.

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