Collage Cards

???????????????????????????????Here’s some pictures of a couple of cards I made recently for birthdays. One of my friends absolutely loves giraffes so I planned on making her a giraffe card but I couldn’t find a yellow piece of card big enough to cut out a whole giraffe so instead I used a few different yellows, cut them into little pieces and made a collage! I used gold for the patches and a black felt tip for the eyes, nose and mouth. I added a strip of dark green card down the side and wrote ‘Happy Birthday’ in gold gutta.

I was quite pleased with how the giraffe turned out so I decided to stick with the collage theme to make a card for my dad’s girlfriend. I wasn’t quite as happy with the result of the strawberries though, I thought it looked quite messy! To try and salvage it I added some red string and tied it in a bow to make the card look a bit neater. Not sure if it really worked though?!


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Yes To Tomatoes

Just a quick post on the latest cleanser I am trying out, which is called
Yes To Tomatoes.  ‘Yes To‘ is an American brand that uses all organic ingredients in its products and has a huge range of products that fall under five categories – carrots, tomatoes, grapefruit, cucumber and blueberries. Their website is full of loads of information about what the products contain and how they work. If you type ‘Yes To Tomatoes UK’ into Google it comes up with loads of UK sites that you can order it from and there’s also a list on the Yes To website of all the stores that stock their brand.


I use Yes To Tomatoes daily clarifying cleanser once a day and it leaves my face feeling really smooth and clean. I love the whole idea of the brand and will probably try out some more from the huge selection at some point. The products aren’t the cheapest, the cleanser being around £8 to £9 depending on where you order it from.


Alongside the cleanser I have also been using the Yes To Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial Mask which is probably one of the nicest face masks I’ve ever used.  I use it once a week (or more if I fancy having a little pamper session!) and my skin always feels so much better afterwards. On Amazon the face mask costs £11.94 so it isn’t cheap, but it should last a while if you’re only using it once a week.


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Bristol Zoo Gardens

For months Lee has been dropping hints about how much he would love to go to the zoo for his birthday, so I planned a birthday weekend for him involving a few nights back home in Cardiff to see family and watch the 6 Nations final, and a night in The Bristol Hotel, a perfect base to see some of the sights of Bristol!

IMG_0127We had such a great day at Bristol Zoo Gardens, helped by the fact the Sun came out so it wasn’t miserably rainy and cold as it has been the past few weeks. I fell in love with the two little lion cubs as soon as I saw them. Unfortunately they were quite shy and stayed towards the back of the enclosure so it was quite hard to spot them. Apparently as the weather improves they will start to come out further.

We spent quite a while at Gorilla Island just watching the gorillas and laughing at them doing funny things! Throughout the day there are ‘Talk and Feed’ sessions where the zoo workers feed the animals while telling the audience all sorts of facts about them. You get to hear each animal’s personal story and about their family and how they ended up at the zoo. It’s nice to see that all the animals are well cared for and they have big, clean enclosures.IMG_0134 They are currently building a whole new gorilla house so they will have even more space.

I didn’t think I’d like the Bug and Reptile Houses very much but they actually ended up being one of the best parts! It was fun trying to spot the little creatures hiding behind rocks and camouflaging themselves as leaves or twigs.

Butterfly Forest was quite scary (in my opinion!) because the butterflies are free to fly around you and they do come quite close! The same goes in the fruit bat enclosure, but luckily all of the bats were hanging upside down in the indoor section as we were walking through that bit. They looked huge, so I definitely wouldn’t have been happy with them flying around me! There is a similar thing in Singapore’s Night Safari and I was so scared of the bats – they were absolutely massive!!

IMG_0140All in all the day was a success. We probably spent about five hours at the zoo and managed to see everything as well as sitting down for a bit of lunch. The only disappointment was the food available at the cafe which was very overpriced. Next time, we’ll be taking a picnic!

Whilst in Bristol we decided to visit the aquarium as well because Lee loves that sort of thing! He was teaching me about all sorts of weird and wonderful fish as we were wandering round. I was surprised by how big the aquarium was. It’s not usually my sort of thing but I actually quite enjoyed it!

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iPhone Case from Vistaprint

Lee and I have just bought new iPhones and I thought I’d share some pictures of the cases we designed for them on Vistaprint. They were really quick and easy to design – the hardest part was deciding what sort of image to go for. I thought about having a photo of the two of us or a nice holiday snap but I decided against that idea in the end and instead I just went onto Google and typed in ‘pretty patterns’ and chose my image from there.



Lee chose a picture of a Japanese koi carp from Google images. On the Vistaprint website there are loads of ready made options that you can choose from but we decided to make our own so they are completely unique.

Once you’ve uploaded your chosen image you can make little changes and add text so we put our names on the bottom to make them a bit more personal. You can choose the font, colour and size of the text.


After ordering the cases they took over a week to arrive but that was fine because we chose the standard 2 week delivery service. Unfortunately for Lee he managed to drop his iPhone and smash the back of it during that week he was waiting for his case to arrive! The only thing I have to complain about is that the image only appears on the back of the case, it doesn’t wrap around the sides. It just looks a bit boring and plain when you place your phone down – it looks like a plain white case. Because Lee has a black iPhone he would have preferred to have black rather than white sides but there was no option to choose the background colour of the case. Other than that we’re both pleased. Hope you like them too!

IMG_0076UPDATE 12/5/13

Since writing this review, both of our phone cases have snapped and broken. They don’t seem to be very sturdy and as we have both (clumsily) dropped our phones the cases have cracked along the edges.

Probably wouldn’t recommend these cases to people who drop their phones a lot – you’re better off getting those rubber ones that can’t crack!


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GOSH Boombastic XXL Volume Mascara

IMG_0008I’m really pleased with my new mascara from GOSH cosmetics. It’s called Boombastic XXL Volume and you can buy it £8.49 from Superdrug. It definitely really does give your lashes lots of volume and length even after just one application. The wand is more comb-like than mascaras I’ve used before and it really helps to stop lashes clumping together. The mascara goes on lovely and evenly and makes my eyelashes look so long! For a night out, I put a few layers on and it’s amazing how much volume you can get – it almost looks like I’m wearing fake eyelashes!

Boombastic Competition


For your chance to win one of five of these brilliant black mascaras…

1. Follow @maddiecarr on Twitter

2. Retweet this

OR copy and paste this tweet:

“RT and follow @maddiecarr & comment here to #win GOSH Boombastic Mascara . #Competition closes March 6th 5pm”

3. Comment at the bottom of this blog post telling me your favourite beauty product!

Winners chosen at 5pm on March 6th. Good luck!

Competition now closed – thanks to everyone for entering. The winners are:

Kelly Hirst


Gillian Holmes

Rebecca Heaven

Hayley Cunningham.

Well done, enjoy your prizes!


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Swirly Valentine’s Card

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This year’s Valentine’s day card… all you need is two different colours of paper, scissors, pritt stick and a pen. I used a blue fine-liner for the swirly patterns. Really easy to make!

Just previewed the post and looking at the pictures it’s really annoying me that the ‘L’ has less swirls than all the other letters! Might have to add a few more…

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Nurture Anti-Ageing Conditioning Hair Treatment

???????????????????????????????Just a quick review of another Nurture product – their Anti-Ageing Conditioning Hair Treatment. I’ve been using a capsule once a week for the past couple of months and I think they are great for my hair. You have to twist the end of the little capsule so you can squeeze the serum out and then just pull it through freshly washed wet hair. The smell of this treatment is lovely and fresh and it leaves my hair silky smooth when it’s dry. My hair is quite dull looking naturally but it has felt so much better since using these. I would definitely recommend, and I think they’d be especially good for people with frizzy hair. My hair is fairly straight but I often get flyaways. This conditioning treatment helps me to tame those flyaways and I feel like my hair is in so much better condition.

Read my reviews on Nurture hand cream and cleansing wipes here.



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