The All-In-One Company



I thought I’d share some pictures of my new onesie which I got from The All-In-One Company where you design and create your own unique onesie. The website is really easy to use and there’s plenty to choose from whether you want a onesie for a boy, girl, adult and they even have really cute ones for babies!

When you click the link to ‘Build a Create Your Own All-In-One‘ you can choose your size and then customise your onesie with all sorts of extras such as a tail, hood, ears, pockets, feet, gloves etc. All of these things have an extra charge so it can end up being quite pricey!


As you choose your fabrics, patterns and extras you can see an image of how your all-in-one is going to look, However, I warn you not to base your colour choice on looking at this picture – look at the name of the colour instead! I wanted to have half of my onesie patterned and the other half a plain grey. But after clicking on the colours and seeing how they looked on the image I settled for a colour called ‘Soft Caramel’ because it looked like a nice grey. When my onesie arrived I was a bit disappointed because the colour looked completely different in real life to what it looked on the computerised image. Obviously, the name caramel should have given it away that it was brown not grey, so that was a bit stupid on my part! So, I was quite annoyed with myself for that but nevertheless I still love my all-in-one. It’s so cosy (although in the heatwave we’ve been having I haven’t managed to enjoy it yet!) and really good quality. Bring on the winter where I can snuggle on the sofa in my soft, fluffy onesie watching a film and drinking hot chocolate!


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