Collage Cards

???????????????????????????????Here’s some pictures of a couple of cards I made recently for birthdays. One of my friends absolutely loves giraffes so I planned on making her a giraffe card but I couldn’t find a yellow piece of card big enough to cut out a whole giraffe so instead I used a few different yellows, cut them into little pieces and made a collage! I used gold for the patches and a black felt tip for the eyes, nose and mouth. I added a strip of dark green card down the side and wrote ‘Happy Birthday’ in gold gutta.

I was quite pleased with how the giraffe turned out so I decided to stick with the collage theme to make a card for my dad’s girlfriend. I wasn’t quite as happy with the result of the strawberries though, I thought it looked quite messy! To try and salvage it I added some red string and tied it in a bow to make the card look a bit neater. Not sure if it really worked though?!


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