Yes To Tomatoes

Just a quick post on the latest cleanser I am trying out, which is called
Yes To Tomatoes.  ‘Yes To‘ is an American brand that uses all organic ingredients in its products and has a huge range of products that fall under five categories – carrots, tomatoes, grapefruit, cucumber and blueberries. Their website is full of loads of information about what the products contain and how they work. If you type ‘Yes To Tomatoes UK’ into Google it comes up with loads of UK sites that you can order it from and there’s also a list on the Yes To website of all the stores that stock their brand.


I use Yes To Tomatoes daily clarifying cleanser once a day and it leaves my face feeling really smooth and clean. I love the whole idea of the brand and will probably try out some more from the huge selection at some point. The products aren’t the cheapest, the cleanser being around £8 to £9 depending on where you order it from.


Alongside the cleanser I have also been using the Yes To Tomatoes Skin Clearing Facial Mask which is probably one of the nicest face masks I’ve ever used.  I use it once a week (or more if I fancy having a little pamper session!) and my skin always feels so much better afterwards. On Amazon the face mask costs £11.94 so it isn’t cheap, but it should last a while if you’re only using it once a week.


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One Response to Yes To Tomatoes

  1. TheFashionGuardians says:

    I would love to use the Yes to tomato line.I already tried the Yes to carrot line and I was very satisfied with it.This might help me get a more flawless skin.

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