Bristol Zoo Gardens

For months Lee has been dropping hints about how much he would love to go to the zoo for his birthday, so I planned a birthday weekend for him involving a few nights back home in Cardiff to see family and watch the 6 Nations final, and a night in The Bristol Hotel, a perfect base to see some of the sights of Bristol!

IMG_0127We had such a great day at Bristol Zoo Gardens, helped by the fact the Sun came out so it wasn’t miserably rainy and cold as it has been the past few weeks. I fell in love with the two little lion cubs as soon as I saw them. Unfortunately they were quite shy and stayed towards the back of the enclosure so it was quite hard to spot them. Apparently as the weather improves they will start to come out further.

We spent quite a while at Gorilla Island just watching the gorillas and laughing at them doing funny things! Throughout the day there are ‘Talk and Feed’ sessions where the zoo workers feed the animals while telling the audience all sorts of facts about them. You get to hear each animal’s personal story and about their family and how they ended up at the zoo. It’s nice to see that all the animals are well cared for and they have big, clean enclosures.IMG_0134 They are currently building a whole new gorilla house so they will have even more space.

I didn’t think I’d like the Bug and Reptile Houses very much but they actually ended up being one of the best parts! It was fun trying to spot the little creatures hiding behind rocks and camouflaging themselves as leaves or twigs.

Butterfly Forest was quite scary (in my opinion!) because the butterflies are free to fly around you and they do come quite close! The same goes in the fruit bat enclosure, but luckily all of the bats were hanging upside down in the indoor section as we were walking through that bit. They looked huge, so I definitely wouldn’t have been happy with them flying around me! There is a similar thing in Singapore’s Night Safari and I was so scared of the bats – they were absolutely massive!!

IMG_0140All in all the day was a success. We probably spent about five hours at the zoo and managed to see everything as well as sitting down for a bit of lunch. The only disappointment was the food available at the cafe which was very overpriced. Next time, we’ll be taking a picnic!

Whilst in Bristol we decided to visit the aquarium as well because Lee loves that sort of thing! He was teaching me about all sorts of weird and wonderful fish as we were wandering round. I was surprised by how big the aquarium was. It’s not usually my sort of thing but I actually quite enjoyed it!

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