iPhone Case from Vistaprint

Lee and I have just bought new iPhones and I thought I’d share some pictures of the cases we designed for them on Vistaprint. They were really quick and easy to design – the hardest part was deciding what sort of image to go for. I thought about having a photo of the two of us or a nice holiday snap but I decided against that idea in the end and instead I just went onto Google and typed in ‘pretty patterns’ and chose my image from there.



Lee chose a picture of a Japanese koi carp from Google images. On the Vistaprint website there are loads of ready made options that you can choose from but we decided to make our own so they are completely unique.

Once you’ve uploaded your chosen image you can make little changes and add text so we put our names on the bottom to make them a bit more personal. You can choose the font, colour and size of the text.


After ordering the cases they took over a week to arrive but that was fine because we chose the standard 2 week delivery service. Unfortunately for Lee he managed to drop his iPhone and smash the back of it during that week he was waiting for his case to arrive! The only thing I have to complain about is that the image only appears on the back of the case, it doesn’t wrap around the sides. It just looks a bit boring and plain when you place your phone down – it looks like a plain white case. Because Lee has a black iPhone he would have preferred to have black rather than white sides but there was no option to choose the background colour of the case. Other than that we’re both pleased. Hope you like them too!

IMG_0076UPDATE 12/5/13

Since writing this review, both of our phone cases have snapped and broken. They don’t seem to be very sturdy and as we have both (clumsily) dropped our phones the cases have cracked along the edges.

Probably wouldn’t recommend these cases to people who drop their phones a lot – you’re better off getting those rubber ones that can’t crack!


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