Twisted Sista Hair Products

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay since my last post – I’ve been so busy with exams and Christmas and everything. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Just thought I’d let you know about these new hair products I’ve been using and I love. I’ve never really been into using lots of stuff on my hair. I usually just shampoo, dry and brush it! But I thought it was time to start looking after my hair a bit better and protect it from the hair dryer and straighteners, and that’s where TwistedSista comes in.


So, first of all I use a tiny amount of Straightening Blow Dry Cream which goes on wet hair. After blow drying, if I’m going to straighten/curl my hair I use the Straightening Thermal Protector. Just spray a bit onto sections of hair before using the irons. Then when my hair’s all dry and styled I use a little bit of the Different Strokes Hair Serum which just makes my hair look sleek and glossy.

The links on this post all go to the Twisted Sista webpage which is a US site so all the prices are in dollars. You can, however. buy some of their products from Amazon too.

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