Xmas Card for Boyfriend

This is the card I made for Lee this year. It turned out completely different to how I pictured it when I started! It is particularly fiddly one to make, so I put on my Michael Buble Christmas album to chill me out while I was sticking down all the sequins and it ended up being quite therapeutic!


To make this card I cut a triangle out of an A5 piece of green card. I cut the letters for LEE out of white crepe paper and stuck them at the bottom of the tree. Using PVA glue I stuck red sequins all around the outline of the letters. That was the gruelling part – not sure this card is suitable if your boyfriend has more than three letters in this name!!

I cut out little hearts from different coloured card and found matching sequins to stick in the middle of each heart. Then I cut out a big star out of gold paper and stuck it onto some dark red card just so it’s more sturdy! I used gold gutta to add a bit of decoration to the star, then I stuck it onto the tree with sticky dots.


To make the card stand up I stuck a triangular shaped piece of card on the back with sellotape, so it looks like a photo frame. You may need to play around a bit before it actually stays standing!

For more Christmas card ideas click here and for even more click here!


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