Handmade Christmas Cards

These are the Christmas cards I made for my Mum and stepdad, and my Dad this year.


To make these cards you’ll need a variety of different coloured paper/card/crepe paper, sequins, PVA glue, scissors, a black gel pen, sticky dots, a pritt stick and some glittery paint or nail varnish.

For the Snowman


Fold an A5 piece of card in half. Cut out different coloured stripes (from paper and crepe paper) to stick on for the background (they don’t have to be neat – I think they look better when they’re not completely straight and they’re all slightly different widths!)

Cut out three circles from white card (or another colour if you want a different coloured snowman!). I drew around lids from various moisturisers/toothpastes to get perfect circles. Paint over each of the circles with the glittery nail varnish. The smallest circle is the snowman’s head – cut out a little carrot nose and draw on the eyes and mouth with a black gel pen. Cut out some twiggy arms to stick on the middle sized circle. Use sequins for buttons.

Use sticky dots to stick the snowman onto the card so he stands out a bit!


For the Christmas Tree


Again, you don’t have to use the same colours as me, I think it can look quite cool to have a wacky coloured tree!

The background is exactly the same as above.

For the tree, cut out five green triangles getting slightly smaller. I didn’t do any sort of measurements – I just went for it and moved them round a bit until they looked okay!

I painted each of the triangles with glittery nail varnish and stuck them down using sticky dots so the tree stands out from the card.


Use PVA glue to stick on lots and lots of sequins! Because they’re so small and fiddly I find it helps to use the end of a thin paintbrush to glue them down.

I put a star shaped sequin at the top of the tree but you can just cut out a paper star if you don’t have a sequin!


To see more of my Christmas cards from this year click here and to see the one I made for my boyfriend click here


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