Ear Force XLa Headset

IMG_3537My boyfriend Lee really likes these new headphones he’s got for his XBox and I have to say, I’m a fan too! It can be really annoying for me when I’m trying to study for Uni and all I can hear is banging, crashing, shouting, exploding and all sorts of loud noises coming from his XBox.  The Ear Force XLa Headset from Turtle Beach completely blocks out all of the annoying noises (shame it doesn’t block out Lee’s grunting, shouting and swearing too!!).
According to Lee the sound quality is really good through the headphones and sometimes he uses them even when I’m not there because he likes them so much! IMG_3515He gets so immersed in his games now that he doesn’t even notice when I walk in the room and start talking to him!

At Turtle Beach there are loads of different headsets for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo etc.  There seems to be something for everyone. Lee says he would recommend these headphones to people because they completely enhance the gaming experience. I would recommend them to girlfriends who can’t stand the sound of loud games!!

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