Oriflame EverLasting Foundation

I love trying out different foundations because I find I just get bored of wearing the same one and I think it does my skin good to change it up a bit! So, my latest find is Oriflame EverLasting Foundation. The first time I tried it I wasn’t too impressed. It’s quite hard to describe but it felt as though it was just translucent on my skin and it did absolutely nothing in terms of coverage. For me, good coverage is probably the most important quality in a foundation because I often have a few spots that need to be covered up! So I felt quite self conscious wearing this foundation as it wasn’t providing me with the coverage that I need. After a few days experimenting with the make-up I found that if I just applied that little bit extra the coverage was better. I had to use quite a big dollop whereas normally I would use much less with other foundations. 

So, negatives aside let’s move on to Oriflame EverLasting Foundation’s selling point, which is not is coverage but, as you can tell from the name, the fact that it is ‘everlasting’ – and that I can’t disagree with. All day long the make-up remained on my face without smudging or changing consistency like some foundations do. It didn’t feel greasy or heavy and I didn’t feel as though I had to keep topping up. Even after battling winds and rain on the way to Uni it still looked perfectly applied when I arrived and remained looking lovely for the rest of the day.

Although I wasn’t too pleased with this foundation originally, I have to say it’s growing on me. It stays on better than any foundation I’ve had before and on ‘good skin days’ it is now my foundation of choice. I still opt for a different one if I feel I need more coverage though. All in all a good product and I’d be excited to try other Oriflame products.

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