Happy 50th Nigel!

Here’s some pictures of a cake my sister and I made for our Stepdad for his 50th birthday! We used the biggest rectangle dish we could find and made a huge amount of Victoria sponge batter (11 eggs!). We filled a second dish as well and used that to cut out the number 50. Unfortunately it was a bit crumbly so they kind of fell apart a bit. We kind of recovered them using the butter icing to stick them together. It was looking pretty terrible but we added Smarties to outline to numbers and I think it turned out ok in the end! Still not quite how I pictured it but it never does turn out perfect!


I also made him this card. He went on holiday to Rome recently with my Mum and they had a photo of a vintage yellow car parked on one of the pretty Italian cobbled streets. So I tried to draw something similar  because he liked that photo so much!

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One Response to Happy 50th Nigel!

  1. Helena says:

    Looks amazing! xx

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