Thorpe Park

Lee and I decided to take advantage of the amazing weather we had last week and took a trip to Thorpe Park. We were so excited because there have been adverts on TV about their new ride The Swarm so as we got in we headed straight for it. We queued for about 20 minutes which I didn’t mind because the sun was shining, and the scenery in the queues is always quite interesting – reminds me of playing on Roller Coaster Tycoon when I was younger! The Swarm was a good roller coaster but there was nothing particularly special about it. I much preferred all the other roller coasters which each had something different and exciting to offer. Stealth goes from 0-80mph in two seconds, Colossus has 10 loops (my head hurt after that one!) and Nemesis Inferno was big, fast and very fun!

Saw the Ride was my favourite ride. It’s only a small car with two rows of four seats. You start inside a building in the dark and you can see all sorts of things from the movies. You go outside and up a completely vertical hill, over the top and the downhill is inverted. What I liked about this ride was that there was more to it than just the scary vertical hill. With rides like Stealth (or Oblivion at Alton Towers) all it is is that one scary hill. With the Saw ride you have the bit inside the building, then the main bit (vertical hill) and there’s more twists and turns to come after that.

Saw The Horror Maze was also a favourite of mine because it was not what I was expecting at all. You walk in with a group of people and you have to hold onto the person in front so you make a little train. Then you walk through this building which is dark and people dressed up as characters from the films jump out and shout and just generally try to scare you as much as possible – and it worked! I was terrified, clinging onto Lee and screaming the whole time!

I love all the little, quick rides too like Detonator. It’s so scary being stuck at the top, knowing you’re going to drop at any time but you don’t know when it’s coming…

Lee was most excited to go on Tidal Wave and he made us sit at the back where you get the wettest! And we did get extremely wet! It was so cold but luckily we dried quite quickly because the sun was out! Personally, I prefer the more gentle water rides like the Rapids and the Log Flume because you can relax and enjoy them. We also had lots of fun on Depth Charge – the water slides you go down in a dinghy.

We had lunch at 360 Bar and Grill where they offered two meals for £12 so we both had cheeseburger and chips which were lovely.

Although the park seemed quite busy we didn’t actually have to queue for most rides. The longest we waited was 20 minutes for the Swarm and about the same for Saw The Ride. Most rides we could walk straight on to or we just had to wait five minutes or so. I think we chose a perfect day to go because we had great weather and because the schools hadn’t broken up yet it wasn’t as busy as it probably would be if we’d gone this week instead.

We managed to go on pretty much every ride once and by the time 5 0 clock came we were both knackered! We bought a magnet as a souvenir because we didn’t take a camera in case it got wet. The magnet cost £8 which was a bit extreme but with that you get to download your photo for free so you can print it off or whatever!

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