Living Nature Cosmetics

I’ve just started a new skincare regime using Living Nature products. Their products are made from natural ingredients found in certain plants in New Zealand.

I use the Purifying Cleanser each morning and evening, followed by the Hydrating Toning Gel. I also use the Balancing Day Lotion every morning as a moisturiser. The first time I used these products I found the smell quite overwhelming! It’s not a horrible smell at all, just very strong… especially first thing in the morning! I got used to it quickly though and it doesn’t bother me now, I think it was just the first time!

I really like how fresh and clean my skin feels after applying these products. It’s left feeling very smooth, just like it feels after having a facial – what a nice feeling to have every day!

I have the travel pack which also includes 2ml samples of Nourishing Night Cream and Firming Flax Serum. The bottles of cleanser, toner and moisturiser in the travel pack are 50ml which is perfect size for travelling! I’ve been using them for nearly a month and I’m halfway through the cleanser. The moisturiser will obviously last longer because I only use that once a day. You can get larger bottles too.

The travel pack costs £28 which I don’t think is too bad. It’s obviously more expensive than some skin care products but most of the cheaper ones have lots of chemicals and alcohol and things that aren’t good for your skin. Everything in Living Nature products is completely natural which is why I like it. The three bottles in the travel pack come in a little pouch which is quite cute!

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