PurePressed Base (and more!) from Jane Iredale

I’ve tried some of the Jane Iredale eye make up before and really liked it so I was keen to try out some more from the range. Jane Iredale make up is all completely natural – there’s no alcohol or any horrible chemicals so it’s really good for your skin. I decided to try out the PurePressed Base mineral powder and I am just as pleased with this as I was with the eyeliner and mascara (which you can read about here).

I’ve never actually had a powder foundation before and I have to say I don’t think it gives as much coverage as some of the liquid foundations I’ve worn before but I like the way it feels on my skin. It is very light and natural looking and it does a good job of evening out skin tone. When I want a bit of extra coverage for a night out or something I think it works really well to put a bit of liquid foundation on and then a layer of the PurePressed powder on top. However, on a normal day it’s fine on its own – it lets your skin breathe and you can barely feel it on your face!

The make up brush for applying the powder is so soft and helps to get an even spread on your face. Because my skin is quite oily I always get scared of having a shiny face (especially in photos!) so I decided to try out Abscence – an oil control primer. It’s a kind of paste and you put a tiny bit on the oily areas before you put on your foundation. I’m not sure I’m completely convinced about these things but I think I have noticed a bit of an improvement. Whether that’s to do with the primer or the different foundation I’m not sure, and I’m sure it’s partly psychological too! Anyway, Jane Iredale has impressed me again and I am happy to recommend the range!

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