Homemade Card

I love making my own cards – here’s one I made today for my boyfriend for our 2 year anniversary. It was very fiddly cutting out and sticking all the tiny hearts!

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2 Responses to Homemade Card

  1. hailey says:

    Hey! Can you please let me know every material you used for your last picture with the blue and green hearts. i LOVE it ❤

  2. Maddie says:

    Thanks! It’s really easy, it’s basically just different coloured card so I used silver card for the big heart in the background and just cut out tiny hearts out of blue and green card. I didn’t use a template or anything that’s why the little hearts are all slightly different shapes and sizes. But to make them symmetrical I folded the card in half. I used PVA glue to stick them all on but pritt stick would be fine! I used sticky glue dots on the back of the silver heart to make it stick out a bit. Hope that helps!

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