Down Hall Country House

My boyfriend and I recently spent a night at the beautiful Down Hall Country House Hotel. We drove up the long driveway and as the hotel came into view we were very impressed by how grand it looked. We were greeted by a friendly woman on reception and headed off to our room through the old-fashioned corridors. The mansion was built in 1322 and I was glad to see that the interior design showed off all the character and history of the building with royal colours and high ceilings.

Our room was HUGE! The bed itself could probably have comfortably accommodated four people! There was a bath, shower, two sinks and a bidet in the bathroom. We had French windows leading out to the lawn so we had a wander around outside. The hotel boasts “110 acres of surrounding woodland, parkland and landscaped gardens”. After taking in the beauty of the area our attentions turned to the giant chess board on one of the lawns!

We’d taken along our swim stuff and were looking forward to checking out the spa area. Unfortunately we were very disappointed with the swimming pool. We expected the pool to be in-keeping with the grandness of the rest of the hotel but in fact it was small and looked quite dingy. There was a swimming lesson going on in there at the time so we couldn’t have gone in, but even if we did have the choice we both said we wouldn’t have gone in it anyway.

The swimming pool was the only let down and our disappointment was completely forgotten by the time dinner came and we had steaks which were utterly divine – by far the best steak I’ve ever tasted. We ate in The Grill Room which was expensive but definitely worth it! After dinner we retreated to the cocktail bar. The night we stayed in Down Hall happened to coincide with a gypsy wedding so we were provided with entertainment all evening as they partied away in their incredible dresses!

We really enjoyed our night in Down Hall, the highlight being those unforgettable steaks!


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One Response to Down Hall Country House

  1. Oooh it looks lovely! Can’t believe they let a gypsy wedding in there tho, it looks too posh! 🙂

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