Radisson Blu Stansted Hotel

I’ve never flown from Stansted before but it was the only flight available for the holiday we wanted to book so we booked it anyway and had a look for the best way to get there and back. Train tickets were ridiculously expensive so that was out of the question, so I had a word with my sister to see if she’d let me borrow the car for the week. Looking online, my boyfriend and I managed to find a hotel and parking deal with Holiday Extras.

Everything was made so easy for us.On the day of our flight we dropped the car key to the hotel and the walk to the terminal took literally two minutes. This was particularly useful for us on the way back when we landed at half past midnight. We didn’t have to wait around for a taxi or bus or any sort of transfer, we could just walk straight in.

My boyfriend described the hotel as “snazzy”. Even from the outside it looked exciting and modern. Inside it was very spacious and there was a good atmosphere in the bar area, although we didn’t hang around as we just wanted to go to bed!

I loved the décor in the hotel room. People say that once you’ve seen one hotel room you’ve seen them all, but that wasn’t the case for the Radisson Blu. There were funky animal patterns on the back wall, hippy style beads hanging from the curtains, a floor to ceiling window and the bed was huge! As Lee enjoyed watching some programmes on the plasma screen TV (the sound also played in the bathroom if you wanted), I drifted straight to sleep and slept through all night long.

It was the perfect way to wind down after the stress of travelling back and made our holiday last that little bit longer.  We left the hotel in the morning feeling fresh and revitalised, although the feeling didn’t last long as we managed to get lost within the first hour of driving home. What should have taken 3-4 hours ended up taking us eight!

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