LMS Spotlight

I’ve always struggled with my skin and so far I haven’t managed to find anything which has completely cleared me up so I’m always keen to try out new things. The LMS Spotlight is completely different from anything I’ve tried before. It uses Red Light Therapy which is clinically proven to improve the skin’s healing abilities.

I have to admit to start with I was a bit skeptical. It looked weird and I couldn’t see how it would work. You’re supposed to press it to the affected area and hold it there for one minute three times a day. When you have a few areas which need treating this does add up and it gets boring sitting there holding this thing against your face for five minutes at a time – but I guess that’s just me being impatient!

I stuck at it though, and found that it does do what it claims to do. My spots did clear up a lot quicker than usual. Whereas before a spot would stay for a week or so, after using the LMS Spotlight it would clear up within two or three days. The downside is that it doesn’t actually stop you from getting spots, it just clears them up quicker. So it’s good for what it says it does, but I’d definitely prefer to find something that will stop me having spots altogether. I’d recommend it though, and will carry on using it until I do eventually find something to clear me up completely (if that even exists!).


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