Desperate Housewives

It started with Lost, then along came Gossip Girl, and now the latest box set obsession in our household is Desperate Housewives. It all began when my dad’s partner got seasons 1-5 on DVD as a present a while ago. She was immediately hooked and as soon as she’d finished with them they were passed on to my Dad and little sister who watched the whole five seasons in a couple of months while I was away.

When I was home I was constantly stuck in the middle of conversations at the dinner table about the exciting story lines and devious characters but I didn’t have a clue. So I decided it was time to get stuck in. I took the first series over to my boyfriend’s house and we watched about six episodes back to back. It was official – we had been sucked in.

We are now rapidly progressing through series three and I must say it’s better than ever. One episode in particular literally left me gasping with one hand over my mouth, the other clenching the duvet tightly.

My Dad and boyfriend try to cover up the fact that they love Desperate Housewives by claiming the only reason they watch it is for the beautiful girls. Dad’s always had a thing for Teri Hatcher, but Lee’s constantly changing his mind about who’s his favourite. One minute it’s Lynette, then Brie. No, actually it’s Edie. Soon enough he’s back to Lynette.

But this excuse doesn’t convince anyone. Murders, teenage pregnancies, coma victims… the story lines are exciting, the characters are loveable and there’s an element of humour which makes the show unbelievably absorbing. And I’m only half way through! Bring on season 4!

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