DIVA Professional Styling

Like most people I hate my natural hair. Not curly, not straight, not wavy it just kind of falls limply so I would be lost without straighteners. The Glamoriser from Diva is a unique product which can be used to create a range of glamorous hair styles. It can be used as a wand for tousled waves or tight ringlets but the tongs also open to be used as straighteners. The tongs heat up to 230 degrees in less than 10 seconds. When you purchase a Glamoriser you are supplied with a finger glove to prevent burning yourself because unlike regular straighteners the whole outside surface of the tongs heat up. The finger gloves are however extremely awkward. They protect your thumb, index finger and second finger but it makes it very difficult to manoeuvre the fingers and grip the handle. I’ve already managed to burn myself a few times while using the gloves and without so they are not particularly practical in my opinion.

I do love the idea of having a straightener and curling wand combined into one product and to be fair they do work really well and the finished result looks great whether it’s wavy, curly or straight.

I also got a pair of Bullet straighteners from Diva Styling Professionals.  The ceramic straighteners are also quite good for curling hair and they heat up really fast too. With the straighteners I got a heat proof mat which can also be used as a little carry bag to transport the straighteners which is handy for when I stay at my boyfriend’s. I like the size of these straighteners. They aren’t too wide and they have a pointed tip which makes it a lot easier to style my fringe. When I’m using these straighteners I often feel my hair breaking. It seems to get caught on the edge of the ceramic plates and snap off. I’ve never experienced this with other straighteners I’ve had before and I’ve realised I have to be extra careful and gentle with these. I love my girly pink ones but you can also get them in white and they look very sleek and sophisticated.

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