Happy Birthday Helena from Sherwood Forest Center Parcs

Last weekend we packed up two cars and eight of us headed to Sherwood Forest Center Parcs for my sister Helena’s 21st birthday. We’ve been to each of the  Center Parcs before and always have a fantastic time but this time we stayed in one of the Woodland Lodges which meant we had an even better time! There was a games room in the lodge so we spent much of the weekend playing pool and Backgammon.

We spent the afternoon in the Aqua Sana and came out feeling completely relaxed and lethargic. The spa has lots of steam rooms all with different smells and themes. There’s an outdoor pool with powerful jets which massage your neck and back. My favourite part is upstairs where all the relaxation rooms are. There’s no steam and they’re not unbearably hot like some of the steam rooms – just gentle music, calming sounds of water and atmospheric lighting which makes you feel extremely relaxed – so much so that my stepbrother Tom actually fell asleep in one!

On the Saturday my younger sister Megan and I had a manicure at the Aqua Sana. The therapist did a good job of our nails but dopey me smudged them as soon as I put on my jacket to leave! While we were having our nails done, Helena and my Mum had facials. I’ve had a facial at one of the Center Parcs before and I loved how my skin felt afterwards. I even bought the Elemis products because I’ve always struggled with my skin but these products left it feeling fresh and healthy.

While we were off doing our girly things, the boys (stepdad, stepbrothers and Helena’s boyfriend) did their manly thing and went dirt biking which they really enjoyed.

On the Saturday night we went to the Foresters’ Inn where our eyes were bigger than our bellies and we went for three courses each coming away completely stuffed… but very satisfied! The friendly waiter made Helena a special birthday cocktail and of course we embarassed her by singing Happy Birthday!

On Sunday morning we caught up with the X Factor we missed the night before (had to be done!). In the evening we went to watch the firework display on the “beach”. It was completely packed and Mum got a bit annoyed about being ushered around! However the huge amount of people meant there was a great atmosphere and I thought the actual display was pretty impressive too – certainly beats the normal one I go to at our local tennis club.

All in all, we had a really enjoyable weekend. It’s impossible to get bored in Center Parcs because there’s so much to do and it’s nice to get the whole family together to do something fun. I think it’s safe to say Helena had a memorable 21st birthday.

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