I love Thomas Sabo!

For my 18th birthday my Mum and Stepdad bought me a gorgeous charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo. The reason I love Thomas Sabo so much is because it’s so versatile. I have a silver chain bracelet which you can probably fit about 30 different charms on and I have a pearl bracelet which you can also put a charm on. My sister Helena has a black leather necklace but you can get silver chains for around the neck as well. In the collection there are so many different styles of bracelet and 450 charms. I spend ages in the shop pointing out all the ones I like to my boyfriend trying to drop hints!

In the new shopping centre in Cardiff there are a few different charm bracelet shops – they seem to be coming back into fashion, but I think Thomas Sabo caters for pretty much every girl, woman, and even the boys! Colourful, delicate, fancy, simple, chunky, quirky, girly, gothic…. the list could go on.

A great gift for Christmas and birthdays, and not too unreasonably priced. The charms range from £15 to about £65 and there are charms suitable for all occasions. I didn’t take my bracelet away with me when I went travelling but now I’m home it’s constantly on my wrist and I can’t wait to expand my collection!

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