I start a new job at the Common Cold Centre in Cardiff on Monday which I’m a bit apprehensive about because I’ve never had a job like this before! I’m not completely sure what it involves – all i know is that I will be assisting in carrying out Clinical Trials on people with colds.

So, a new job means a new wardrobe! I went shopping yesterday to buy some smart clothes and managed to find some great deals. I headed to New Look first where I bought two pairs of trousers, a pretty floral dress and a velvety grey blazer all for £60 which I thought was quite a bargain. The best thing about New Look is students get 10% off  and, lucky for me, they were doing a promotion yesterday where it was 20% . Fantastic!

I was also quite impressed with Primark yesterday. I find that shopping in Primark is always a bit ‘hit or miss’. Sometimes I come out with bags full of bargains, but other times it’s a compete nightmare. Yesterday I had a good day there and left with two pairs of shoes and a scarf. I bought some comfy black daps which are ideal because I’m going to be on my feet quite a lot.

I had a very successful shopping trip and can’t wait to be earning because I’m a bit of a shopaholic!

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