Rainy Day

I haven’t really been in the country much this Summer because 10 days after returning from travelling I went off on a family holiday to Beziers in the South of France. We enjoyed two weeks of blissful sunshine on a lively campsite where we stayed in a Eurocamp mobile home, as we’ve done for the past six years or so. Each year we go to a different campsite (Sardinia, Florence, Spain…) and it’s interesting to see how they all vary so much. This one had a spa area for adults only which had various jacuzzi type pools and foot baths. We had a really great time on holiday but were welcomed back to Wales by grey skies and drizzly rain.

However, over the past few days the weather’s been looking up and i thought maybe there’s still a bit of Summer left… but today I woke up to hear the pitter patter of rain on the window and I think it’s time to admit Summer’s over and it’s time to get ready for Autumn. After venturing out to Asda in my flip flops I’m now back home in my pyjamas with fluffy pink socks feeling slightly depressed!

I’ve been practising online for the UKCAT test which is an exam I have to take to apply for Medicine. Although I’ve completed numerous mock exams there’s still one section I just can’t get my head around and it’s starting to stress me out seeing as time is running out! I’ve got the exam on Wednesday so I hope I can figure it out by then!

In the meantime, I’m off to my boyfriend Lee’s tonight for a Mexican… Yum 🙂


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