St. John’s Ambulance

Today I attended an Emergency First Aid Training Course run by St. John’s Ambulance. The four hour course was very informative and I especially enjoyed it because it was so hands-on. The guy running the course (Mathew) was great – very knowledgable, helpful in answering questions and his humerous personality added a bit of fun to the day!

In small teams we had to carry out various tasks and we reviewed our answers as a group. We practised responding to emergency situations on eachother and on dummies. The course covered many things from fainting to heart attacks to choking. We were taught how and when to put the casualty in the recovery position, how to perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver.


It was definitely a course worth doing. The money goes to a good cause and it’s handy to know how to react in an emergency situation should one ever arise.

St. John’s offer a wide range of courses which are useful to everyone. I would definitely consider taking part in another course in the future.

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