My Favourite Places in Pictures

Long Beach on the Perhentian Island, Malaysia. One of the most stunning beaches I’ve been to and definitely the hottest place! Unfortunately our accommodation here was probably the worst throughout the whole trip. We were woken by monsoon rain pouring in through a hole in the ceiling which also allowed entry to a confused bird one morning. No electricity so no fan or no light. This meant there was nowhere for us to go to cool down – even sitting in the sea gave us little comfort because it was like a warm bath. On a snorkelling trip here I ended up with a red raw bum because the sun was just so powerful. I wasn’t too bothered about that at the time because I was so excited swimming alongside giant turtles and sharks. However the overnight bus journey the next day was extremely painful!

The bright and vibrant colours of Mantaray Island resort, Fiji. This was an idyllic island where we enjoyed a feast of delicious food three times a day. We spent a lazy week lapping up the sun and snorkelling in the coral filled bay.

Picturesque Lake Roitoti in the South Island of New Zealand. This was a quick stop between Westport and Nelson. We were lucky to stop here on a beautiful day with clear blue sky.

Queenstown – New Zealand party central and home of the legendary Fergburger but also a very pretty place surrounded by The Remarkables mountains. There is a cable car which you can take to get to the top but we decided to take the difficult option and walked up. I don’t think we realised how steep it was going to be! The long, hard walk was definitely worth it for these views and we cheated on the way down and took the car.

Whitehaven Beach is recognised as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Our boat trip on Avatar around the Whitsundays was definitely a highlight of my time in Australia. There were spectacular views of the sunset while we sat out on the deck in the evening and it was really magical looking at stars in the night sky.

Temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our 4am start went disastrously wrong as our tuk tuk driver didn’t turn up (turned out to be our fault because we hadn’t changed our clocks into the new time zone!). However a Dutch guy named Bart was happy to share his tuk tuk with us so off we went to see the impressive sunrise at Angkor Wat… Another disaster – the sun was hidden behind thick clouds so we couldn’t see a thing! Luckily the sky quickly cleared up and the rest of the day was cloudless and scorching hot!

Shopping in the colourful streets of Hoi An, Vietnam. Everywhere you turn there’s shops overflowing with tailor made dresses, coats, suits, shirts, shoes….. Abi and I both got dresses, coats and shoes made here. You can literally pick any design from a catalogue or from the internet and they make it for you with any changes you want, in any material and any colour you want. We were whisked off on motorbikes to a fabrics store where we spend a long while choosing from hundreds of different patterned fabrics.

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