Home Sweet Home

We’ve been back from our travels for a month now. Sorry there were no updates since Singapore… here’s what we got up to (in a nutshell):

Kuala Lumpur – Stayed in a very grotty hostel, saw the Patronus Towers by night
Penang – Went to the beach and got stuck in a massive storm so had to take shelter in a very expensive hotel restaurant!
Perhentian Island – We stayed here for four nights. It was total paradise – beautiful clear sea and white sand.  It was unbearably hot though and we ended up getting quite sunburnt! I did a snorkelling trip where I swam alongside a giant turtle and saw some small sharks. We had very basic accomodation here – no electricity so no fan or anything. We woke up one morning with some sort of animal crawling round our room because there were holes in the floor, ceiling and walls. Rain came through the roof while we were sleeping which was actually quite refreshing!


Siem Reap – We had a tour around the temples on a tuk tuk. Got up at 4.30am to see the sunrise behind Angkor Wat. Unfortunately it was very cloudy so we were quite disappointed. The clouds quickly cleared up and the rest of the day was scorching hot in the sun. There were loads of good markets around here and we managed to buy lots of souvenirs in the night market. Cheap cheap!
Sihanoukville – Stayed for a couple of days by the beach. Every day as we settled on the sunbeds we were interrogated by little children trying to sell us bracelets. Ended up spending a lot more than anticipated here!
Phnom Penh – We went to the Killing Fields and the S21 Prison which was pretty depressing but we learnt lots about the history of Cambodia which we never knew about before.

Ho Chi Minh – Went to the Cu Chi Tunnels
Da Lat – Had a motorbike tour into the hills and had lunch with a family in the village. We learnt a lot about the Vietnamese culture which was all very interesting.
Nha Trang – Another few days on the beach. We went to the mud baths and a place called Vinpearl which is a water park on an island which you get to by cable car.
Hoi An – Very cute, old town with thousands of tailors where you get clothes made. You choose the style, material and pattern and they make exactly what you want to fit you perfectly in 24 hours. We both got dresses and coats and decided to splash out on some leather sandals too.
Hue – There was very heavy rain for the two days we were here so we didn’t venture out very far. We stayed in a lovely hotel where all the staff were extremely friendly and constantly offering us glasses of water and sweets!
Hanoi – From here we had a day trip in Ha Long Bay on a junk boat. I really enjoyed the trip, there were some spectacular views. The buffet lunch wasn’t great because it was all seafood and neither of us are big fish eaters.

From Hanoi we flew to Bangkok where we waited 12 hours for our flight home to Heathrow. Both of our families were waiting for us at the arrivals gates with a big “Welcome Home” banner. It was so exciting to see them all!

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