Sentosa, Scooters, Sea and Songs

Our trip to Universal Studios completely failed. We made sure to check with our hostel when we arrived that they had tickets for us and they assured us if we turned up Monday morning we would get some, so that’s what we did and we were told they’d sold out! So we had to make a new plan for the day which was just to spend the afternoon at Sentosa, a tiny island resort off Singapore. It was a bit of an odd place – kind of like a theme park minus the rides! It was divided up into little sections with a monorail between them. In each section there were various things to do but most of them involved paying money and nothing really took our fancy so we stuck to the free stuff which included:

-The Imbiah Lookout which wasn’t the most impressive view I’ve ever seen! Cranes, cranes and more

-The Merlion Walk – a short passage with a mosaic water feature down the middle and a statue of a Merlion at the top!

-Palawan Beach where we were at the Southern most point of Continental Asia.

In the evening we went to the “Songs of the Sea” show which involved  fountains, lights, fire, music and fireworks. Apart from the terrible acting it was pretty impressive!

The kick scooter tour last night was great fun. We started off at the hostel at 6pm and our tour guide Michael took us around various places in the city – thief’s market in Little India, the library, the museum, Singapore River, Raffles Hotel, Clark Quay and Chinatown night markets. We had dinner in Lau Pat Sat and returned to the hostel just before 11pm. 5 hours of strenuous scooting!

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One Response to Sentosa, Scooters, Sea and Songs

  1. Mum says:

    Shame about Universal Studios. Don’t like the sound of the massive bats in the Blog below. I’d have been terrified. xxx

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