We spent two nights in Surfers Paradise and it was a really nice little beachy town. Didn’t quite live up to its name – the sea was flat as a pancake! Unfortunately one of our days was spent going to a from hospitals/medical centres/x-ray clinics because Abi sprained her wrist on our last night in Byron Bay when she fell off a table in Cheeky Monkeys club. It’s a bit of a stupid idea not having a dancefloor just tables and benches to dance on!

We arrived in Noosa the day before yesterday and had a night in a hostel which we definitely would not have spent another night in. Yesterday we got the bus to Australia Zoo which was awesome. It’s really hands on and you can get involved with loads of stuff. We fed the elephants and stroked koala bears. One part of the zoo has kangaroos just lazing around and you can just sit with them and play with them and buy food to feed them which was pretty cool.

We went to the Crocmuseum to see the crocodile show. Would have been cool to have seen Steve Irwin in the show but there’s so much about him all around the zoo there’s no way he will ever be forgotten. We got a bit tearful seeing all  the letters and gifts people had left for him and his family.

We got picked up from the zoo by Nigel’s cousin Mary and her mum Barbara who had a delicious Shephards pie waiting for us. Had an early night and slept right through till about 10 this morning. We went for a walk along the beach and are now back in the house watching The Notebook.

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