A Rainy Byron Bay

Sorry it’s been a while since the last update..

We had  a great time exploring Sydney and it was nice to not be living in a hostel so we had our own space – our own shower, a double bed each, it was a week of luxury!

We had a day at Bondi beach, saw the attractions of Sydney (Opera House/Bridge), went to Taronga Zoo, had a meal in the Rocks, and had a couple of nights out.

We had a 12 hour overnight bus journey to Byron Bay which was by far the most uncomfortable night’s sleep I’ve ever had! Arrived in Byron Bay to torrential rain pretty much the whole day which was slightly disappointing and we were a bit bored coz there’s not a lot to do here except go to the beach. Luckily the sun came out the next day so we headed to the beach and relaxed all day! Next stop is Surfer’s Paradise tomorrow so hoping the weather holds up!


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2 Responses to A Rainy Byron Bay

  1. Loving Father says:

    Sorry it seems to have turned a bit mizzy girls – you’ve had such a fantastic run I suppose you had to have the odd bad day eventually! Don’t worry about it – take the opportunity to chill, rest and recharge the batteries. You’ll soon be back firing on all cylinders!! Lots of love dad x x

  2. Hehe I’m honestly the only comment to this great writing?!

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