Just the two of us again!

We left Queenstown yesterday morning (on my bday) after an awesome night the night before. Abs and the boys decorated our hostel room with balloons and banners and we had a bit of a party with chocolate cake! Then we hit the town, went to a few clubs and the night ended with a Fergburger (always the sign of a good night)!

Anyway, it was our last night in Qtown and our last night together with the rest of the group. We’ve been travelling with the boys for almost a month spending literally every minute of every day with them so now we’ve all split up we’re feeling quite alone! We feel as though we should go and knock on their door to see what they’re up to!

When we arrived in Dunedin feeling extremely tired as we’d only had about 2 hours sleep, we went to the Cadbury Factory to stock up on chocolate! We’re staying in Dunedin now until Friday then we go to Invercargill, Te Anau, Milford Sound then back to Q-town. We’re praying for good weather on Sunday for Milford Sound!

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One Response to Just the two of us again!

  1. Dad says:

    Hello the travellers – looking forward to hearing about Milford Sound, seeing as I work there half my life!! Sounds like you celebrated your birthday in style Madz – I’ve just got a new phone and haven’t worked out how to text, so sorry, I failed to text a Happy Birthday note. But I’ve sent a couple of emails, when you are able to log on. Let me know if you got them when you next blog! lots of love Dad xxxxx

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