We arrived in Queenstown last night in the pouring rain! Everyone says Queenstown is the place to be in NZ so we’re going to stay for 3 nights. Had a good night out – Abi did karaoke but I chickened out!

Abi’s turn to chicken out today though.. I’m about to do the Nevis Bungy which is the third highest in the world (134m) so I’m trying to prepare myself for it! I’m feeling ok at the mo but don’t think I will be when I actually get up there and have to jump off!

We did a glacier hike at Franz Josef the other day. It was really good but extremely wet and cold! I managed to fall through the ice at one point so my legs were soaking! We were walking for about six hours although it didn’t seem that long. When we got back we had free hot chocolate and cakes waiting for us then we went to the hot pools which was amazing. We couldn’t stay in too long though because unfortunately we had to go to the supermarket before it closed!


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One Response to Queenstown

  1. Mum says:

    Woah – how buzzing were you just then? That’s the most hyper I’ve ever heard you. Bungee Jump sounded amazing. I really wish I’d been there to see it but hey at least you’ve got a dvd for us all to watch! Missing you, luv’n’ugs Mum xxxx

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