Busy Bees

Had a busy busy few days… put our lives in danger on more than one occassion!

Black Water Rafting in Waitomo – Started off abseiling 40m underground into the caves. The abseil was followed by a surprise zipwire – the guide made us turn off our headlights and just basically pushed us off the ledge and we had no idea what was going to happen. With our lights off we could see the walls of the caves were covered in glow worms which looked really cool! We were underground for about 3 hours.. cruised through the water in rubber rings and stopped for a cup of tea and a flapjack. We had to squeeze through some tiny gaps in the caves and avoid a giant, ugly eel!

Taupo – We went SKYDIVING!!! We both agreed it was without a doubt the best thing we’ve ever done. The plane journey took about 20 mins and when we were at 12000ft there was no hanging around. We were both strapped to an instructor. Abi went first and all I saw was them toppling over the edge of the plane. It was my turn next and I was terrified but excited at the same time. It was freefall for 45 seconds although it didn’t seem that long. We were trying to scream but not noise came out! When the parachute opened we glided down for about 4 mins. The views over Lake Taupo and the mountains were incredible and the sun was just setting which made it even better. What an experience!


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