Sweet As Bro

So New Zealand so far has been hectic. Hopping on and off buses seeing all the sights en route! But keeping you up to date with our travels…..

12/04 – We left the Bay of Islands Mid afternoon, it’s quite a small place so in the morning we just strolled down the main street and relaxed on the beach! We played a bit of Frisbee on the beach  which killed a little bit of time and proved to be quite entertaining! When we got back to Auckland we were greeted by Elliot (friend from back home) it was great to see s friendly face and catch up with him!

13/04 – Auckland – Mercury Bay – Another early start…..the bus picked us up at 8 so we make a few stops before arriving an  Mercury bay (or Whitianga – its original Maori name). Our first stop was at Mt. Eden which we questioned whether it is actually a mountain or not?! Its probably about the same height as The Garth in Cardiff but it did give an awsome view of the whole of Auckland. As its on of the narrowest part of the country you could see both the east and West Coastlines!  Next stop was a small town I cant actually remember the name of but we were only there for half an hour to get some food! Our last stop before reaching Whitianga (Fit-ee-unga) was on the Cormandel Coast…which is where alot of the Prince Caspian film was set! We ‘trekked’ down to the beach which took us about half an hour going up, down and around mountains (the kiwis sure know how to make a mountain out of a molehill!) We ended up on Cathedral cove beach – given its name by the Cathedral-like Arch in the the rocks! The pacific looked lovely but we were told it would be freezing so we didnt risk taking a dip!  We arrived at our hostel – ‘Turtle Cove’ – at around 5 o’clock and were greeted by the owners Jean and Roger. The rooms were AMAZINGGG! Well compared to what we’ve stayed in so far! We had an en suite between 6 of us comfy mattresses and quilts AND a homemade spaghetti bolognase! Could life get much better?!? only time will tell…..

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3 Responses to Sweet As Bro

  1. Loving Father says:

    Yeah – but was it as good as MY spag bog!!? Sounds perfect girls. Thanks for the phone call earlier, hope the cough eases off. So glad you hooked up with Eliot……of all the bars in all the towns etc……Keep on blogging! lots of love x x

  2. Uncle Bryn & Auntie Septic says:

    We’re exhausted reading this – it all sounds absolutely fab. Keep on rocking grills. Not gonna lie to you it sounds tidy. xxxxxx

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