Dolphin watching, boat cruise, sandboarding…

So far we’ve been busy busy busy here in New Zealand.

9/4 – Auckland – Did a bit of shopping and generally wandered around to get a feel for the place! Went to Minus 5 – a bar where EVERYTHING is made of ice. You sit on benches made of ice, the bar is ice, there are loads of ice sculptures and you drink cocktails from glasses made of ice. They provided us with boots, coats and gloves so we didn’t get too chilly. Had a very “cool” time!

10/4 – Bay of Islands – Our bus left Auckland at 7.10 am to take us up to the Bay of Islands. When we arrived we went on a boat cruise around all the islands and at one stop we were joined by an extremely friendly pod of dolphins jumping out of the water and surrounding the boat. Had a delicious BBQ back at the hostel and an early night.

11/4 – Cape Reinga – Had a bus tour up the the most northen part of the North Island. Made a few stops along the way and had sandwiches on a lovely little beach. The bus drove along the 90 mile beach and even went in the water which was fun! At the end of the beach we went sandboarding down MASSIVE dunes. Both me and Abi managed to fall off and lost our boards half way down! Cape Reinga was beautiful and we planted trees at the top of a cliff overlooking the beach. The whole trip was 12 hours so we were exhausted again when we got back to the hostel.

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2 Responses to Dolphin watching, boat cruise, sandboarding…

  1. This whole thing really is fantastic – the ‘experience of a lifetime’ to be cliched about it! Read in the paper today that memories of experiences like brilliant holidays are better, than paracetamol when it comes to a headache. If so you two need never have another headache as you’ll have a huge bank of fab memories to call on! Love and Hugs to you Both, Kathryn (M’s Mum)xx

  2. Helena and us two think you should put links to our Blogs on your Blog Roll. and

    We both link to yours so……

    Mum xxxx

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