Byebye Fiji, Hello New Zealand

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update… hard to use the internet in Fiji but now we’ve landed in New Zealand it’s working fine so we can get back to blogging.

So, Fiji was absolutely brilliant. The island we stayed on was sooo beautiful. White sand, totally clear sea, bright blue sky… it was like heaven! We stayed in a beach bure – very basic but we weren’t in it much so didn’t mind too much. Mantaray resort was on its own tiny island with just one beach so there wasn’t a lot to do! We were happy most the time just lying on the beach with a book and having a snorkel, but there were a few occassions when the skies opened and everyone huddled under the shelters! The rain never lasted for long though – the next minute the sun would be shining and everyone would be back on the beach.

It was a bit like staying in some sort of camp. All the staff were so friendly – it was like one big family! Because the resort was so small there weren’t a lot of people there. We couldn’t leave the island because there’s only one boat per day between islands and it was quite expensive! Every meal time was signalled with a drum and everyone would make their way up to the main bure where food was served. The meals were delicious – buffet breakfast, a lunch and a three course meal in the evening. There was plenty of choice (more if you like fish!) and on Sunday night we had a roast dinner buffet.

We were very sad to have to leave Mantaray and the staff all sang us a song as we left and gave everyone hugs. Back on the mainland it was far from the luxury we experienced on the island. We had to have a night in Nadi to catch the plane the next day but we were very disappointed by the beach so didn’t venture far from our room (which had an ensuite bathroom on the plus side!).

Anyway, we arrived in Auckland at about one o’clock this afternoon. Checked into our hostel and had a wander. Abi’s now asleep in the room!! Starting Kiwi Experience on Saturday – can’t wait!

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3 Responses to Byebye Fiji, Hello New Zealand

  1. Loving Father says:

    Hi Girls – just been viewing your photos on Facebook (along with the rest of the office)! Awesome. We are all feeling very chilled and relaxed after looking at all those beaches and that hot sunshine. Love Dad xx

  2. Jude & Colin says:

    Hey Girls,
    Great to see that you’ve managed to sort the ‘blog’ keep up the good work. Give Abi a shove Madz if she’s zzzzzzz too much. Fiji sounded & looks fantastic from the photos – keep them coming – lots to see & do. Have loadsa fun – Stay safe.xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Ceri says:

    Fiji sounds amazing 🙂 🙂 I wana go!!! 😀
    enjoy NZ xxxxxxxxxxx

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