12 days to go…

With our round the world trip coming round very quickly we’re in a mad panic trying to get everything sorted – there’s so much to do and less than two weeks until we leave.

I’ve spent today organising all my important documents – printing out copies for my Mum, my Dad and a few extras incase we lose anything along the way (which, as my Stepdad seems to enjoy pointing out, is certainly going to happen based on my past experiences).

So, with my documents filed away neatly I turfed through all my many clothes making piles of “definitely leaving behind”, “possibly taking with me” and “definitely taking with me”. The “definitely taking with me” pile seems to tower over the others which is not good seeing as i have to squeeze them all into one backpack making sure it doesn’t exceed 20kg. How on earth I’m expected to fit five months worth of clothes, toiletries, shoes etc. into this tiny space I’m not quite sure…


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One Response to 12 days to go…

  1. 2backpackers says:

    Go girls! Don’t let the BA strikers get you down!! Better you have a problem before you even leave than half way round the world! If juggling flights and losing a couple of days in LA is the worst you have to deal with, you’ll sail through the next five months. Love Dad (Maddie’s) x x

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